Audrey Williams

High School: Dolgeville
Class: 2021
Instructor: Bryan Ingalls
Pos: Pitcher
Home to First: 3.36
20yd shuttle: 3.96
Tee Exit Velocity: 58

Outfield Velocity: 48
Infield Velocity: 47
Ht: 5'3
Wt: 130lbs
Event and Date: MVCC 1-18, Utica 4-18
Video Date: 1-18
Pitching Velocity Fastball: 48
Change Velocity: 44

Audrey shows great room for growth. She will have the ability to greatly improve on her numbers through maturity and experience. Got better and better as the event went along.

Offensively she can utilize much more of her power by lengthening her finish and using her backside to create power. Eye contact was good and as she gets more experience the exit velocity should improve.

Pitching wise she shows solid mechanics and can increase with more physicality and some strength. Speed difference is not where it needs to be with the fastball and change but combined with her solid mechanics and work ethic her fastball should improve greatly in the next few months.