Laura VanHoeven

High School: Camden
Class: 2020
Instructor: Bryan Ingalls
Pos: Pitcher
Secondary Pos: OF/1B
Home to First: 3.10
20yd shuttle: 3.81
Tee Exit Velocity: 64

Outfield Velocity: 57
Infield Velocity: 57
Ht: 5'2
Wt: 120lbs
Event and Date: MVCC 1-18, Utica 3-18, Utica 4-18, Herkimer 8-18
Video Date: 1-18
Pitching Velocity Fastball: 58
Change Velocity: 44-45
Curve Velocity: 55

Laura shows incredible athleticism and great natural strength from a small frame. She runs effortlessly fast and can easily improve running times with a quicker start.

Pitching wise Laura has great Velocity potential. Hitting 57mph you can tell she is capable for much more right now with a smoother and repeatable motion. The velocity carries throughout the pitch and she creates tremendous spin. Change up has good change in speed but can be more deceptive and her curveball is her best secondary pitch.

Offensively she shows good power potential if she can create more load in her swing and a longer more powerful finish. She is very short yet quick to the ball, but has much room for growth.

Reliable glove defensively with a strong overhand throw.

***Expect to see these numbers improve over time, High ceiling