Michaela Stockwell

High School: Fort Plain
Travel Team: Warning Track Heat
Class: 2020
Instructor: Bryan Ingalls
Pos: Pitcher
Secondary Pos: Catcher
Home to First: 2.94
20yd shuttle: 3.91

Pop Time: 1.69 to 1.87 (58)
Tee Exit Velocity: 62mph
Outfield Velocity: 59mph
Infield Velocity: 57mph
Ht: 5'7"
Wt: 125lbs
Event and Date: Saratoga 11-17, MVCC 1-18, Utica 4-18, Herkimer 8-18
Video Date: 1-18
Pitching Velocity Fastball: 56-58
Change Velocity: 44-46

Michaela is a well rounded athlete with a high softball IQ. She displays the ability to be an impact player not only on the rubber but behind the plate, showcasing tremendous quickness and a strong arm. She also has the ability to effectively play anywhere else on the field with a great glove, strong arm, and quick hands. Michaela is a true utility player that has a tremendous upside. She still has room to grow as she matures and gets more antiquated using her backside to generate more power.

Offensively she shows great hand speed throughout her swing and shows the ability to be a great gap to gap hitter. Similar to her throwing arm she has ability to generate much more power as she matures and lengthens her finish a little bit.

Pitching wise Michaela shows a natural peel drop hitting as high as 58mph. Her change up is deceptive as it has the same spin and movement as her drop ranging between 44-46mph. She showed the ability to hit both sides of the plate and with the development of one more pitch she should be a very effective pitcher at the next level.