Nichole Donahue

High School: Oswego
Travel Team: CNY Swarm
Class: 2019
Instructor: Shawn Samson
Pos: Pitcher
Secondary Pos: 3B
Home to First: 3.22
20yd shuttle: 5.65

Tee Exit Velocity: 57
Outfield Velocity: 50
Ht: 5'6"
Wt: 140lbs
Event and Date: Herkimer 8-18
Video Date: 8-18
Pitching Velocity Fastball: 55-58
Change Velocity: 42-44
Rise Velocity: 54

Nicole shows great ability to spin the ball as her ball has much natural drop throwing mid to upper 50's.


  • Consistent barrel contact
  • Drives ball up the middle

To improve:
  • Increase exit velocity by lengthening finish and using more lower half


  • Good glove and hands
  • Ability to move laterally

To improve:
  • Increase arm strength to improve finish and using lower half within throw.


  • Great natural snap downward movement

To improve:
  • Better balance at release point
  • Hand action at release point