Ryleigh Haynes

High School: Troy
Travel Team: SC Hurricanes
Class: 2020
Instructor: Bill Farrell, Kayla Boomhower
Pos: Pitcher
Secondary Pos: OF
Home to First: 3.36
20yd shuttle: 5.28
Tee Exit Velocity: 59

Outfield Velocity: 51
Infield Velocity: 51
Ht: 5'4"
Wt: 125lbs
Event and Date: Utica 3-18
Video Date: 3-18
Pitching Velocity Fastball: 50
Change Velocity: 41
Curve Velocity: 48
Rise Velocity: 45

Ryleigh throws a sharp drop as a fastball that breaks late out of the strike zone. Her consistent spin and break will make it tough on hitters. Her curve ball also bites late with her velocity similar to her fastball/drop. Her change has the same spin as her fastball which makes it deceptive. Ryleigh throws a screw and rise as well that can get better with a higher spin rate and consistent spin axis.

Haynes showed good hand eye in the cage with consistent exit velocity. Getting stronger and making a couple of tweaks within her swing can for sure maximize more of what she has naturally to bump up some of these numbers.

Overhand throws were consistent and accurate. She has much more if using body more efficiently.